Mobility Care Centre

Mobility Care Centre pioneered the exceptional levels of service and aftersales service for which we have become renowned.

Repair And Maintenance

We provide local repair and maintenance services using original manufacturers spare parts.
Give us a call if you need a repair our maintenance done on your wheelchair.

All equipment is serviced according to manufacturers specifications and safety recommendations.

Wheelchair Repair and Maintenance Information

For easier handling of wheelchair maintenance, repair and emergencies, keep our Mobility Care Centre card with your chair at all times that includes the following information:

Your name, address and phone number.
Your doctor’s name and phone number.
The names and phone numbers of relatives or friends to be contacted in case of an accident.
The make and model and serial number of your wheelchair.
The name and phone number of Mobility Care Centre repair facility. Tel: 00350+ 56175000
The phone number of Mobility Care Centre mobile repair. Tel: 00350+ 56175000
The phone number of Mobility Care Centre wheelchair transport service.Tel: 00350+ 56175000
Mobility Care Centre insurance policy number and related information.
It’s also wise to have a cellular telephone along in case you need to call someone for assistance.
Have Mobility Care Centre Wheelchair store call you when it’s time go into wheelchair maintenance facility for a checkup on your wheelchair or scooter. Tel: 00350+ 56175000

Clinical Services vs. Repair and Maintenance

We at Mobility Care Centre recommend that wheelchairs be serviced on a yearly basis. These services are available only from the vendor Mobility Care Centre who sold the chair. Maintenance issues include: loose wheel locks, worn or loose arm rests, dirty or loose casters, loose wheels or poorly inflated tires, etc.

The needs of the individual dictate the frequency of clinical appointments. For example, growth issues often require that a child be seen every six months. Additionally, degenerative conditions also require more frequent visits. However, it is generally recommended that a person using a wheelchair visit their Medical center I.e. Doctor or Occupational therapists in hospital, at least once every three years.

Additional indicators for clinical intervention may include:

Skin breakdown or chronic redness
Decreased ability to tolerate sitting
Experiencing pain while sitting
Poor or worsening posture that has not been successfully addressed
Inability to perform pressure reliefs (repositioning techniques)
A weight gain/loss of 10 pounds or more
An accurate weight has been difficult to obtain
Recent or anticipated orthopedic surgery
Swelling or edema (especially in legs or feet)
A degenerative medical condition
Compromised respiration
A change in neurological status, resulting in changes in posture and/or tone
A decrease in independent mobility or self propulsion
Difficulty using an existing wheelchair ramp
Difficulty accessing desks, lab/library/cafeteria tables or computer workstations
Difficulty reaching or activating electrical switches or controls such as elevator buttons, light switches, or computer controls
The wheelchair tips over
The wheelchair appears or feels too small/large
Unable to use the wheelchair to perform outside activities
The wheelchair does not accommodate auto, bed, chair, and/or toilet transfers
Difficulty using a power wheelchair
Difficulty using a power scooter
Difficulty in using the wheelchair on rough terrain
The wheelchair is difficult to transport

By following our guidelines you will enjoy better mobility options and a longer product life!


For More Information

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To contact a member of the team call us by phone Tel: 00350+ 5617500 or complete the form below.

Alternatively, if you would like to contact Mobility Care centre by another means, contact details are as follows:
Mobility Care Centre
Telephone: 56175000
From Abroad: 00 350 56175000

if you would like to talk to one of our Team Members, please give us a call on Tel.56175000 where we will be happy to help.

Mobility Care Centre pioneered the exceptional levels of service and aftersales service for which we have become renowned.

Services Of Scooter Delivery & Service

Buying a mobility scooter or powerchair can be very confusing. Prices seem to vary enormously from company to company and brand to brand. Beware! Often the cheapest prices results in no practical warrenty for Gibraltar and no technical support when the scooter breaks down.

When you import your scooter privately who will guarnatee it and who will service it ?

Mobility Care Centre we guarantee:
• Free delivery on all scooter and powerchair orders in Gibraltar and in Southern Spain within 30 km from Gibraltar.
• We deliver scooters fully assembled and tested
• Delivery by Mobility Care Centre Staff with a demonstration of the scooter use
• We offer a full UK extended warranry supported by the manufacturer and applicable for all our scooter sales in Gibraltar and Southern Spain
• We refurbish, repair and maintain most models of Shoprider scooters and Power chairs
• Free home collection and delivery
• Free Pre-repair inspection only on Shoprider models and for products previously sold by us. (For any other brand please call)
• We use Shoprider original component parts and Shoprider approved products.

Full Service Customers Services

When you purchase any of our New Mobility Scooters or Power chairs you will be regarded as a Full Service Customer, and will be entitled to the following benefits under the 12 months warranty.

Parts – We will replace any mechanical or electrical parts required to maintain your mobility scooter or power chair in tip-top operating condition free of charge for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Labour – No charge will be made for any labour required to either repair or replace any part covered under warranty.

Collection & Delivery – Mobility Scooters or Power chairs will be collected from and delivered back to our Full Service Customers’ homes at a time convenient to them and at no charge.

Free loan machine – On request, one of our courtesy mobility scooters or power chairs will be made available to you if for any reason your machine cannot be repaired at your home, and has to be brought into our workshops. You will never need to be without a mobility scooter or power chair. (Subject to availability).

Valeting – Mobility Scooters and Power chairs will be cleaned and valeted prior to their return.