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Hire Services

Mobility Scooter Hire

We are the pioneers in Gibraltar in offering a flexible hire plan for mobility scooters.

You may need a short term mobility solution or a long term hire plan either way we can provide a high quality of service at a very reasonable price.

Our rental services include, Breakdown recovery cover, 24 Hour Helpline as well as all maintenance taken care of leaving you nothing left to worry about.

Special Note:

Due to the topography of the Rock of Gibraltar not all places are easily accessible with an electric scooter or power chair.

Some Hotel locations make it difficult  and not  safe to access  given that scooters / power chairs are not to be used on steep inclines beyond the safe working slope of 8 degrees  /14% particularly relevant to Europa Road and all the upper rock.

Our rental services are exclusive to  Gibraltar

Placing a Rental Enquiry

Please fill out form on this page with all necessary details.

To avoid disappointment please give us as much notice as possible 

Like with our scooter sales, scooter rental is only available to individuals that genuinely experience reduced mobility.